The My Name is VANDA TV show focuses on spirituality and how it can help you every day.
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    S01E01 ~ The Thinker
    S01E02 ~ Your Purpose
    S01E03 ~ Higher Self
    S01E04 ~ Relationships
    S01E05 ~ Word Power
    S01E06 ~ Self Esteem
    S01E07 ~ Negativity


    S01E08 ~ Worthiness
    S01E09 ~ Your Focus
    S01E10 ~ Expression
    S01E11 ~ Observer
    S01E12 ~ Discernment
    S01E13 ~ Receptivity
    S01E14 ~ Desire


    S01E15 ~ Surrender
    S01E16 ~ Morning Call
    S01E17 ~ Manifesting
    S01E18 ~ Knowing Yourself
    S01E19 ~ Sadness
    S01E20 ~ Interrupt
    S01E21 ~ Confidence

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To make the wisdoms more accessible. We've included a link to enjoy all the programs available as audio on YouTube.

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