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Raise Your Wisdom & Intuition Gift Box

Raise Your Wisdom & Intuition Gift Box

This treatment unblocks and releases the trapped, static energy that you unconsciously hold onto. The results leave you open to your own wisdom and intuition, which is key to you reaching your full potential. Each product has an accompanying brochure.


Ear Candles will unblock the inner fog and rebalance your male and female energy within you.
SOULva™ is a proprietary blend of organically grown herbs, bundled in prayer by women. It purifies, clears and moves stagnant old energy out of your space. It heightens the intuition of the user and supports well-being. It creates a sacred space, enhancing peace and well-being.
SOULt™ is essential for clarity, focus, and for physical and emotional healing. It clears the mind, body, and chakra body system.
Its activation supports the body as it detoxes, releasing trapped impurities that block your natural flow.
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