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Durga™ 6 Mini StiQ Bundle + Protection Pouch Subscription

Durga™ 6 Mini StiQ Bundle + Protection Pouch Subscription

Breaks up electromagnetic overcharge and static energy that have accumulated in your energy field.


The Goddess of Protection

Durga™was created to help you lessen the negative overcharge in your energy field or in your space. This increases your true vibration, which is a protective force in itself.

The purpose of Durga is to break up the energy that many times accumulates around and within our energy fields and bodies. Each energy body has its own layer. Durga protects your energy by burning up and fragmenting the overcharged build-up. Which opens up the flow of energy around you, causing trapped energies to once again flow. This build-up is different for everyone. Keep in mind that stress starts in your energy fields and bodies, just like any other disease.

Most people are not aware of the electromagnetic overcharge and static energy that have accumulated in their energy fields. Durga is a huge relief, as the static interferences are now fewer and you are clearer and more focused, and feeling lighter with immediate results.

It is Powerful and it WorQs

Durga, in short, supports and strengthens the integrity of your frequencies. How? By fragmenting any clogged-up energy forms or foreign energy matter which interrupt your natural flow.


Durga is a sacred herb. It is environmentally friendly, from the way it is harvested to the bundling process. It is bundled in prayer, keeping the vibration clear of any thought forms. All agreements in this process have been honored.

How to Use

When lighting up the Durga, it’s best to tilt it downwards to increase the flame. Gentle blowing will enhance the burn necessary to get Durga ready. Whenever you feel that the Durga is slowing down or you are intuitively guided by a sense that there is static or interference a gentle blow does the trick.

If the Durga is not lighting up, pay attention; it’s just blocked energy.  Set your intention, energy follows directed intention.

Keep in mind that your intuition is enhanced here, so trust your feelings and gut. Follow your thoughts to where the blocked energy is; it may take you around your house.

Be aware: the bursting flames are telltale signs of the energy being fragmented. You will find that the more you worQ with Durga, the more intuitive and knowing of where to focus you will be.

Durga is a proprietary blend created only for Vanda, Inc.

In addition to your monthly order of six (6) Durga™, you will receive a complementary SOULva™ Protection Pouch.

This pack will allow you to keep up your vital supply of space clearing each month.


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