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SOULva™ 6 Mini StiQ Bundle + Protection Pouch Subscription

SOULva™ 6 Mini StiQ Bundle + Protection Pouch Subscription

Created to Empower You.

Move the stress, struggle, negativity, confusion and emotional fog out of your space.

The SOULva StiQ was created to support our fast and rapidly evolving lives.  As the SOULva Stick burns, it clears the space of stress, negativity, stagnant energy, and the energy of other people who have entered your space. It brings clarity, healing, and protection that is in the higher good of everyone. It heightens the intuition of the user and benefits everyone.

You will see and feel a difference.  

It is a special, proprietary blend of organically-grown and hand-picked herbs bundled in sacred prayer.

SOULva creates Sacred Space for a Sacred You.  It creates space that is free of other peoples’ negative energy and thought patterns, to empower you, protect your physical and spiritual body, heal you, bring clarity and inner well-being, and heighten your intuition.

SOULva is your #1 tool to clear and purify your space and lift up the energy in your home, and in your life.

Our ancestors used this wisdom to cure, heal, and to increase their wisdom and knowledge, honoring its power.  SOULva has a healing vibrational frequency that is exchanged with the participant.

SOULva is a proprietary blend of sacred herbs created exclusively for Vanda, Inc.


In addition to your monthly order of six (6) SOULva™ StiQs, you will receive a complementary SOULva™ Protection Pouch.

This pack will allow you to keep up your vital supply of space clearing each month.

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